Students who have completed Ph.D

 V Ramesh Thesis Title: DNA Binding studies with the transcriptional activator protein C of Bacteriophage Mu.(1997)
 K. Madhusudan DNA Gyrase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium smegmatis: Cloning, sequence analysis and over expression. (1996)
 Tisha Bhaduri DNA Topoisomerase I from Mycobacterium smegmatis: Biochemical characterization and DNA – Protein interaction studies.(1999)
 Bindu Diana Paul Features of site – specific recognition of mom promoter by bacteriophage Mu transactivator C.(2001)
 Shyam Unniraman Transcription regulation and termination in Mycobacteria: DNA Gyrase genes as a paradigm.(2001)
 Devanjan Sikdar Mycobacterial smegmatis Topoisomerase I: Insights into site - specific recognition and mechanism of action.(2002)
Shashwati Basak Regulatory mechanisms of transcription initiation at mom promoter of bacteriophage Mu. (2002)
U H Manjunatha Mycobacterial DNA Gyrase: Biochemical characterization and development of a novel gyrase inhibitor.(2002)
 S Chandrashekaran Characterization of new restriction endonucleases and molecular interaction studies with KpnI restriction – modification system.(2002)
Monalisa Chatterji Insights into gyrase function and action of its inhibitors.(2003)
 Paras Jain Insights into the topoisomerases of Mycobacteria: Characterization of topoisomerase I and discovery of a new type II topoisomerase.(2005)
Atanu Chakraborty Mechanism of mom gene transactivation by transcription factor C of phage Mu.(2006)
 Richa Gupta Studies on DNA Gyrase from Mycobacteria: Insights into its mechanism of action and elucidation of its interaction with the transcription machinery.(2007)
Sugopa Sen Gupta Cell survival strategies: Role of Gyrase modulatory proteins.(2008)
 M Saravanan New active site fold and the role of metal ions in structure function relationship of promiscuous endonuclease – R. KpnI. (2008)
 Nagaleela Ram DNA topoisomerase I fromMycobacterial smegmatis and development of inhibitors.(2010)
 Swapna G Mechanism Of Activation Of Bacteriophage Mu Late Genes By Transcription Activator Protein C. (2011)
 Arnab China Transcription in Mycobacteria: from initiation to elongation.(2012)
 Vasu Komireddy Evolutionary design of active site plasticity in R. KpnI for promiscuity in metal ion utilization and structure recognition.(2012)
 Anirban Mitra Insights into occurrence and divergence of intrinsic terminators and studies on Rho – dependent termination in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.(2014)
 Rupesh Kumar DNA Gyrase and topo NM from Mycobacteria: insights into mechanism and drug action.(2014)
 Priyanka Tare Transcription initiation and its regulation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.(2014)
Wareed Ahmed Topoisomerases from mycobacteria: insights into the mechanism, regulation and global modulatory functions (2015)
Soumitra Ghosh Nucleoid-associated proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Insights into their functions. (2015)
Shweta Karambelkar Understanding phage Mu mom regulation and function (2015)
Adwait Godbole
Topoisomerase I from Mycobacterium tuberculosis: dynamics of enzyme function and inhibitor development (2016)
E. Nagamalleswari
Exploring unusual properties and non-canonical roles of promiscuous restriction endonuclease KpnI (2016)